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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eat Smart too!

For most of our students, this week is a week full of testing. So I thought that it would be a great week to cover good things to eat in order to help your body and brain function at its highest!

I found a website that is chock-full of great foods to eat in order to help productivity, alertness, memory and mood. So look through these lists and see if there is anything you can get on your child's plate or in his/her tummy. As I was looking through these, a couple of the items listed would be great in a smoothie! I'm pretty sure any kid loves a smoothie, so that could be a perfect way to send your child off to school in the morning - with a memory and productivity boosting smoothie!

ALSO, make sure your child is getting enough rest. It takes a lot of energy to focus on something for an extended period of time and that extra sleep can make a huge difference! So make sure they're going to bed early enough to get all the sleep that they'll be needing to focus well this week!

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