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Monday, January 27, 2014

Building Reading Confidence

Can you really do anything well if you have little confidence while doing it?  Confidence plays such a huge role in the success of mastering various tasks in our lives and mastering reading is no exception.  Some students go through their school years without experiencing the feeling of success while reading.  Students learn to read at all different levels and speeds and it is important to instill success in our students, even if the success seems minimal.  Learning to read and becoming engaged as a reader is a daunting task and can rarely be done unless our students have confidence in themselves.  Confidence allows students to overcome any difficulties in reading and it also helps foster a love for reading.  How often do we as adults continue to do something we feel we are not good at or have been told we aren’t as good as someone else?  Not often.  Children are no different.  They need to be confident that they are moving in the right direction and to feel successful as readers.  This article from is a great resource on how we as the adults and educators can help boost reading confidence.   

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